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Welcome to my page!

This is my neocities page! In all honesty, I have no clue about neocities, but I saw it, and I wanted in, so here I am! Btw i have just discovered this page is fucked on mobile so if ur on mobile apolgiies! I don't know exactly what I'm gonna put on here, but I figured I may as well make one. This page is unfinished and still in vvvv active development so if something doesnt work dw (and also advice is appreciated!). Anyhoo, if im gonna b straight with u, neocities sorta freaks me out for whatever reason (idk y it all just seems v sorta unreal and distant ykyk) but here I am. Thanks for dropping by?

If you wanna see more about me click here! For everything else, look on the left.

Also! if u have any design advice or just wanna say something u can lmk in my guest book or on my page or @ I will eventually see it.


go have a look at besties page (hes a bit stupid dont b rude) fuck face


Apart from my upcoming France exchange, the biggest news is for whatever reason my family has switched from an apple music family plan to a spotify family plan! Im not ecstatic about it but hey.


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