Who am I?

I'm not too keen on sharing personal information with strangers, so hopefully you can't answer the above question! However, I will give some veryy general bits and pieces

- I live in the southern hemisphere

- I like music, writing, baking, reading, photography, and films, though in all honesty when I'm not doing stuff with my friends I don't really do much at all

- I am learning french

- I don't really know why I am here (on neocities) cos all of u rlly seem to hav these strong neocities vibes which I feel i'm lacking but I'll make up for them with shear charsima !!

I think thats all there really is to say!


Maybe Alien or Vertigo.
TV show?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer which i highly recommend everyone watch
Very hard but I think I'll go with Catch-22